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Pet Friendly Accommodation

We know how hard it is to leave a pet behind. With Mountain Park Lodges you don't have to. We are pleased to welcome you and your pet.

When traveling with your pet, we want to ensure a safe comfortable stay for you and your fellow guests. Please observe the following guidelines:

  • All Mountain Park Lodges have a pet charge of $15.00 per night/room to cover additional cleaning costs.
  • Small to medium size cats and dogs are preferred. Bigger breeds, provided they are calm and well behaved are welcome.
  • Limit of two pets per room.
  • Please keep your pets on a leash at all times in the public areas inside the hotel as well as around the exterior of our property. Please observe Jasper's "Poop & Scoop" bylaw.
  • There are certain areas of the hotel where pets cannot be admitted. These include all restaurants, patios, meeting rooms and the pool areas.
  • We would prefer that your pet not be left unattended in your room. If you need to leave without your pet, please inform the front desk and leave a contact number where you can be reached should your pet become agitated.
  • Should your pet have any accidents on the premises, please clean up after him or her promptly or ask for assistance if required.
  • Please arrange a convenient time with the front desk when you will be out of the room with your pet, so that our housekeeping team can service your room. (Room may not be serviced if occupied by an unattended pet.)
  • Please do not bathe your pet in your room. The Front desk staff will be happy to direct you to a dog wash facility should you require this service.
  • Any damages to the room, or excessive cleaning caused by your pet will be added to your credit card.
  • Should your pet create a disturbance affecting the comfort of other guests, you will be expected to compensate the hotel for this loss of revenue.
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Map and directions to off leash area